Here you can find all outputs issued during the project life.

O1:Report on organizational and educational needs of VET school graduate

This Intellectual output aims at analyzing the labour market needs an views of employers throgh surveys, litteraly reviews, direct interviews and online questionnaires. In particular it focused on:

  • ICT labour market research studies in each partner countries
  • need for EQF level 3-5 software developers in participating countries
  • what programming language would be beneficial for the VET graduates to have and on what level.

All information obtained were collected in 2 reports in order to figure out a starting point for methodology and for the crucial subject in teaching software development in VET environment.

O2: Teaching handbook for software development course crucial subjects

Development of this output included different activities:

Activity1: Content, processes to focus on in the curriculum as well as conceptual framework for the pedagogical and technological knowledge for students were developed. The framework was based on the resource results about students’ cognition and best pedagogical practices for supporting student learning in order to realize an innovative courseware.

Activity 2: Conceptual structure for the technological and pedagogical framework of JOBIT curriculum. This consists in setting required competences necessary for an effective teaching of JOBIT curricula that will be also a tool of assessment teachers’ growing levels of knowledge about JOBIT approach.

Activity 3: Identification of pedagogical framework for effective implementation of VET teacher training program.

Activity 4: Development of the teaching handbook for software development subjects that will include technology enhanced, research based educational aids and resources to support the development of students’ software development:

O3: Learning resources for VET software development course crucial subjects

The goal of this output is to provide VET school software development course crucial subjects with proper full learning resources. This has been realized through 3 activities:

Activity 1: Understanding the previous learning materials and selecting which parts needs to be developed.

Activity 2: Development of missing material.

Activity 3: Melting together new and already existing material creating a full learning resource package for VET software development course crucial subjects in all available languages of the partners: English, Estonian, Greek and Italian.

The results of this 3 steps work is available in the following links:

O4: Teacher training syllabus

A syllabus that includes the exact topics to be covered during the teacher training and the methodology for the training is created. It has been implemented through the class training.

O5: Skilled and VET institution teachers

This output consist in the realization of time frame and operational sequence for in-class training indipendent learning and practice. Training has been carried out in each partner country separately with local and international specialists as lecturers. The training has also been concluded with a certificate from project consortium and it includes also a feedback form where teachers can evaluate the skills acquired, training content relevance and specialists’ experience relevance. Please find information about the 3 training course in the following link:



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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