Jobit Training in Estonia

Trainings in Estonia started in 10th and 11th of May 2017 in BCS Koolitus with PHP. In the first training participated 13 teachers from ten different Estonian vocational schools. The trainers were from small software company I-Sepp OÜ – Kadri Vahtramäe and Kristen Guilden. Main goal of this training was to make booking web application using PHP framework Silex. Idea of the training was also learn to use version management system and get practical skills of using PHP development tools (template language, frameworks, microframeworks). Trainers are working as software developers and their practical experience was useful to explain what the common software development process in their company is. The JobIT project idea is to use open source or freeware in software development and get to know new useful tools.

The second training was held in 18th and 19th of May about Javascript, because it is one of the most used front-end language. This time there was 15 participants from eight different vocational schools (mainly from Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus). Trainer was BCS Koolitus lecturer Amir Zare Pashaei (young lecturer just graduated from Tallinn University) and the training was in English. The trainer explained very in-depth Javascript basics and participants liked this very much. Amir also recommended different resources, tools, frameworks and conducted some practical exercises.

The last training “Testing training” was on the 26th of May (12 participants from nine schools). Trainer was Helena Jeret-Mäe from one of the biggest software companies AS Nortal. Helena is the leader of testing department and she gave some practical tasks about testing. So she started the discussion about what is testing, why testing is needed and how to know what to test? We tried to use different testing techniques and to understand what is good test. Helena gave lot of useful learning resources to support the teachers testing skills and to make their own learning materials.

Overall, in our trainings participated 24 teachers from 11 different vocational schools, eight people participated all the trainings.


Participant’s feedback

Participants were pleased with the trainings content and highly valuated the trainers. All participants were satisfied with the topics, theory and practical side was in balance. Nobody mentioned that some topics were unnecessary. Participants mentioned most of all that the trainings were useful and help them to prepare for the next school year. Especially were mentioned that this kind of trainings support very much new teachers and it is very useful to meet other teachers to share ideas, exercises and leaning materials.



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