Things are moving! JOBIT Second Project Meeting

On April 21 the staff of JOBIT partner organizations has met in Nicosia at the Campus of the European University of Cyprus, the hosting organization. The AS BSC Koolitus was represented by Anni Sild and Signe Teder, CEIPES by the President Musa Kirkar and the Financial Manager Laura Granvillano, the European University of Cyprus (EUC) by Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Pericles Cheng, Christina Varnava Vasou and Andreas Grondoudis.

In a warmly welcoming environment the participating staff had the opportunity to share the first available outcomes of the first project step and to laid the basis to move to the second step.

DSC_0234JOBIT partners have set really ambitious goals to be reached within the project life, the ultimate goal being the improvement of software development skills of VET graduates and to facilitate their matching with the needs of the labor market. The cooperation between all parties – VET schools, employers, field specialists -will result in an innovative integrated teaching methodology and competent teachers.

071The already completed step one endowed the partners with the results of a research about the employers need of skills and competences of the VET schools graduates who are expected to enter the labor market as junior software developers. The research has been carried out at national level by each partner organization. Based on the research analysis a report is being drafted. This will be the starting point for crafting a methodology to be implemented by the core subjects in charge of teaching software development in VET and also for the creation of relevant learning material.

JOBIT partners are now ready for the 2nd step. Its focus will be on the teachers of VET software development courses and its most tangible result will be the publication and country localization of a Teaching Handbook.

We will be back soon with the next updates on JOBIT. Keep follow us!





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